Features of Context According to Hymes


by Juliane Köpke

According to the linguist Hymes the interpretation of context provides a range of meanings. To prove this point I want to check the different features of context in the case of the cartoon you can see above:

  • addressor: the person on the left side – [probably] a young boy asks his friend (or at least a well- known person) a question
  • addressee: the person on the right side, also male, answers
  • topic: stalking a treasured woman
  • setting: both are at the same time at the same place ; they are smiling
  • channel: speech
  • code: they use casual English
  • message-form: chat
  • event: not a special event; they just meet somewhere and talk to each other – so they use colloquial language
  • key: funny conversation between two immature boys
  • purpose: one boy inform the other about a new “stalking method”: a twitter account

! Now it is your turn to comment on the cartoon !


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